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Chartering with Your Family

Generally, if the children are happy on vacation, the parents are happy also. The key to makeing sure this happens starts in the planning stages, when selecting the boat.

Our job is to listen to your requirements and then recommend the most suitable boat, you and your family would enjoy spending vacation on.

There are lots of activities your children can do as a big change from daily life back home:

  • little ones can build sandcastels on a different beach each day, explore rock pools or take part in a treasure hunt. don't forget that the engine noise is sometimes a more successful luliby than most beautiful luliby itself :)
  • Juinors can snorkel or fish, explore beautiful reffs, hike and play beach and social games. They can be appointed 'dinghy captains' and watch their confidence (and pride) grow as they carefuly ferry everyone ashore, under the watchful eye of the skipper.
  • Teens can try a scuba resort course, learn to sail, waterski, watch DVD, dance in some popular clubs along the coast, or just sunbathe on the foreasdeck and get great tans to show their friends back at home.

Anyway, there are often some very sad faces and few tears when it's time to go.

Adriatic is ideal for family charters, beacuse the area is sheltered, the distances are short, there are enough bays and beaches to visit without going to the same place twice, even on the longest charter, and there is so much to do ashore. There are also plenty of other people, which is often a negative for adults but can be a bonus for the kids. You can introduce them to different culture, make them tase local food and learn more about Croatian history and tradition. Vising towns and museums could be a prefect solution if you happen to have a rainy day or two.

  • Posted March 22, 2016